Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The One Where I Introduce Cody

First things first, it's been well over a week since I last posted and said I would post again. Here's the thing. I just had finals this past week (and I'm anxiously awaiting my grades!) and that was my focus, which is as it should be. Friday was truly the first day in which I could have posted would have been then, however I used the day to consist of not wearing pants and being a lazy lie-about.

Okay, mini-maintenance completed, onto the ACTUAL blog post.

If you actually know me, you should know that I game, in particular, I larp. (For more information on what larping is, check out Lizzie Stark who is an authority on the subject; she's even written a book Leaving Mundania: Inside the Transformative World of Live Action Role Playing Games, due out in May 2012. Get a copy!) I love immersing myself in someone else for awhile and living in some other world than my own.
For a long time, larping was a way for me to escape. To get out of my life which regardless of the fact that I have had a relatively good life, I hated. After awhile on top of the escapism (Something which I am not endorsing. Deal with your problems people, ignoring them is like ignoring the fact that you just fed your passel of Mogwai pizza after midnight and maybe they won't turn into gremlins who are going to murder you in your sleep) I started using my character(s) as a way to better myself.

Enter Cody Capulet-Kane.
Cody, left (played by me) with her 'sister' Chance, right (played by Kristin Tone)
Taken at DREAMATION 2005
Cody is a loud mouthed young woman who is a super hero. She's 5' 1" (the size of Kristin above), runs fast, punches hard and is in a near constant state of motion. She cares deeply about her family and friends. She is a woman of faith, a faith in the universe that it will make things right in the end and that she has the ability to make those things right decisions. I could go into her motivations, her loves, and her favorite color (it's a soft blue, in case you were wondering), but I won't today. 

Why am I introducing your to her? Well while I was thinking about things to blog about (see how this all comes full circle? I totally meant to do that ya know) and I started thinking about Cody and the cadre of characters who I've played over the years and miss playing (or in the instance of Cody still play to some extent). So, my brilliant idea is to start blogging sometimes as them. I'll be starting off by introducing the character (like I am doing here) and hopefully posting a piece of fiction about the character. The Cody story I'd like to share today is one I wrote back in 2005 (shortly after this picture was taken, actually). 

So in the end, expect to see Cody on here from time to time.

Vital Stats
Full Name: Cody Marie Lang Capulet-Kane
Age at Creation: 16
Current Age: 24(ish) 
Where is she from? Buffalo, NY
Game System: The Avatar System
What does she do? Cody likes to help people, more frequently by protecting them from those who would hurt them.
Hobbies: Paint, play the drum
Past Loves: Miranda "Di", Sigma Caine
Family Life: Mother raised her with the help up her older and way cooler brother along with his ragtag group of friends. When she entered game she was effectively cut off from her family and had to therefore be raised by her Aunt (who is a Goddess / Manifestation of the Nexus), a multitude of uncles, an adoptive father figure, two adoptive sisters and a six-foot tall cat.

Story behind the cut. 

Spray of Red

Strobe lights flash off of bare arms and legs while the music pulses deep and rhythmically. The club is a press of men and women, most in clothes that barely cover vital bits, but covering enough to not actually to be accused of indecency. Bodies crushing together, clawing at the air while they move and gyrate to the throbbing of techno music.

The dance floor is over-crowed tonight, but that doesn't seem to stop anyone from moving freely in the din. Arms flail on people that they barely know. Feet never seeming to miss their mark, never accidentally stepping on someone. If someone lost their balance, they never hit the floor. They are picked up and steadied so as not to loose the beat.

It all looked like a beautiful orgy, except for the flashing of shiny clothes under the strobes. Cody is in the middle of it, her short red hair flying around her and catching the flashing lights. Her arms pumping, her body contorting into positions that in any other environment would be just silly. Her hands find other people whom she doesn't know and move over bodies with incredible ease. Men and women, demons' wearing human faces, it doesn't matter who is next to her.

Her black tank top clings to her and ends just above her well-defined abs and her naval, which proudly displays a green rose tattoo. A pair of dark blue boot-cut jeans hugs her narrow hips and pair of black combat boots completes the outfit.

Tonight isn't about hunting. It isn't about saving the world from the evil nasties that she is so indiscriminately dancing with. Tonight is about being lost in the music, moving in amongst carefree people. She lets her body become an extension of the beat, moving where the music compels her to go and being completely free.

Cody presses her back up against a tall and lanky blond haired man. Their body's move together in sync, both of them sliding downwards, not losing physical contact with the other.

They both rise and turn to face the other. Hazel meets startling blue as their eyes lock and they both pause. In one fluid motion Cody is wrapped around him, her legs locked behind his lower back and his hands firmly holding her hips. With complete trust in her partner, the woman trails her fingers down his tight muscle shirt until she is upside down, her hands lightly grazing the dance floor. The blond doesn't stop his gyrating movements.

They move like this for what seems like an eternity, or maybe it's just a few moments. People move around them, trailing fingers and nails on the couple that have found themselves lost in the middle of the throng. In sudden motion Cody is back up at his face, her flushed cheek pressed against his sweaty one.

And again, they move. Bodies so close that it's near impossible to tell where Cody ends and this cat-like man begins. Their sweat mixes, their breath moves as one and Cody's fingers find his near-white spikes.

Their faces part.

They stare.

And just as sudden as their connection was, they separate. Cody flips backwards and, as if this were completely expected, the German releases his hold on her. Neither gives the other a second look as both move away, the music moving them to different parts of the floor.

The music pulses well into the night and Cody never stops moving, her hair becoming just a spray of red in the wave of the dancing night.


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