Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The One About Musical Memories

Lookie! I’m posting a second time in as many days. This must be a miracle or something. I think mainly I’m trying to keep this up out of spite. And really, if that’s the thing that’s motivating me to actually keep up with this blasted thing, then I say it’s a good reason.

This morning when I was getting ready to head out the door I decided that I just HAD to find my Seth Glier CD. Couldn’t find it so I quickly looked on the rack of CD’s (as well as the piles that seem to have accumulated on the shelves nearest the CD shelving. On sheer impulse I pulled out Sublime’s “40oz to Freedom", something that I haven’t thought about in literally years.

So away I go with my handy laptop to school in order to conquer APA style formatting (by the way, how I loathe APA formatting), popping in the CD right before I hit the highway.

By the time track two started playing I was singing along, lost in memories of the summer of 1999, when I believe I first got the album. I remember long drives in my 1991 Toyota Corolla with the windows down, a Marlboro red in my hand and the music cranked up. I actually looked up to the ceiling of my car to see what type of material it was because I was thinking about all the writing, doodles and graffiti that was the ceiling of my first car.

As screwed up as my head was in those days (and let’s be honest, it’s still pretty screwed up), I have to say that the summer of 1999 was pretty decent. I don’t think I was working much or at least I don’t remember slinging a lot of ice cream. It was also the year that I actually started playing White Wolf’s “Werewof: The Apocalypse" something which I can honestly say changed my life.

But I’ll save that for another day.

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