Wednesday, June 6, 2007

First REAL post (since I'm writing over that lame ass test post. Ain't I cool?)

Don't you hate those? The first posts of a brand spankin' new blog and there isn't much to say. I've been doing some research lately on what other people have done and what seems to be the norm when starting up a new, non LiveJournal blog.

And let me tell ya, there aren't many options.

I popped over to Miss Doxie's page and discovered that when she restarted (she apparently had a blog before the current incarnation) she started it with 'Ouch'. How can you top that? Seriously? You can top this woman! She mooned Atlanta for crying out loud!

Terry Moore had some random person telling us all that he isn't Terry Moore, nor has he ever been Terry Moore, but this person is setting it up for him. I can only assume that this is Madia, his webmistress.

Jane Espenson (she wrote for Buffy and Angel) had a big ole welcome, announcing her new blog and such. Then again, Ms. Espenson is a crazy good writer (I write good too!) and word smith and even thoguh I just popped over there for like a second, it looked interesting!

Joss Whedon is too cool for blogs and just abuses Whedonesque, making the poor mods wondering how the heck he uses a web browser. (Note: Love Joss to bits, but really he has a hard time with their software. I'm not sure if its intentional or not but its damn funny!

Neil Gaiman, just like Terry Moore didn't even do his first post. Slackers.

So really, having done said research and wondered for, oh, 5 minutes, I realized that I'm not famous. Yet. So really, why am I fussing over what the hell to blog to the wilds of cyberspace and to no one yet because, really only two people know of this blog's exsitance.

Though I suspect that once people start reading this I will have a readership of like 5, one of which being my Mother. That is if she can figure out the internet. (Hi Mom! I know you can work the internet! I'm just kidding!)

Woo. Now that we've dodged THAT bullet!

I feel that it is my duty to write something profound and earth shattering; something deep and meaningful about myself. Like the fact that I am a tattooed, queer girl with a love for frogs, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and cheese. I have this desire, nay burning need to tell the world that I run gaming conventions in New Jersey with my partners (didn't tell you WHAT kind of queer girl I am!), hate my job and am currently attempting to try to do college.

I have responsibility to the blogging community to be witty and sweet and to win you over with this single post that will have you all running back to this page every ten minutes, hitting refresh and anxiously awaiting something to happen.

Ya know first posts are kinda daunting like that. It's like writing in a new journal for the first time. You want to make sure that your handwriting is perfect; your sentences well structured and are full of witty remarks. Like this:

"Dearest Diary,

Today was beautiful! The birds were singing their beautiful songs and the sun was shining from the heavens like a gift from God. I ran to the stop of the hill and sang my little heart out! 'The hills are alive!' I chorsed!"

But really after the third entry your hand has gotten a cramp and you're just slapping anything in there.

"Dude. Today was the shittest ever. I so stubbed my toe on the bed frame again and I think the cat puked. It was nasty!"

So I suppose that I should start this bad boy off like I'm going to be handling most entries: snarky.

Dear Readers:
While my people are stuck in the wilds of Manhattan, I am entertaining myself by figuring out how to blog like a grownup. Bye-bye LJ, helllllo blogspot.

I'm so clever. I'm so clever that I stole that from my girlfriend. Ha!