Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A update? Damn...

I've been a bad little blogger. I've been bad in that I started this thing and I have touched it since? Not one little bit. To be honest, it hit the guilt pile.

So Today's List:

  1. Don't draw attention to the fact that's its been 20 months since I've posted.
  2. After failing item one, write new blog post to distract myself from the 20 month thing and move the blog out of my guilt pile.

Okay, #2, I can do. Intrepid reader, since last I wrote, my world has kept on spinning. We've run a few awesome conventions, I asked Vinny and Avie to marry me (just sliding that one in there) and we've gotten kittens. I gone to quite possibly a billion and one doctors appointments and I've cut out pretty much anything that isn't natural in my diet. I've taken up yoga and knitting, though not simultaneously. I also wrote a really long, too-cutesy, entry about why I haven't posted. I tossed because hell, I don't think *I* would read that!

More recently, this past week has been crazed. First Vinny fell prey to the creepy crud (better known as The Flu From The Icky Depths Of Hell™). Talk about timing being really poor. Since July, Vinny has been running full tilt between New Client and our other Big Client, essentially working two full time jobs. Luckily we have a really terrific friend in Alex and she's been coming down from Massachusetts to train the New Client.

As with most blessings, ours were mixed last week. Monday, when Alex rolled into town, she brought more than her luggage, knitting and laptop. She brought along her husband's cold. We're usually really happy to see Alex. This time, we're wondering if she could have left her lungs at home.Vinny had been fighting a bug and was losing the fight. He came home feverish Monday night with accompanied by a hacking, coughing Alex. By Wednesday afternoon, I was down with some mutant love child of both their germs. And Alex and Vinny were both down for the count. We don't know whose germs dealt the final blow, but Avie was the only contestant to stay standing. To add insult to injury, we have DREAMATION in two weeks and that means Vinny running a fever is really bad. 4 days later, I'm back at work feeling a lot better with the other two still unwell and working crazy hours.

It's been a bit crazy around here, that’s for sure.

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